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New website are created every second and pushed into the search engine listings. You did the same at some point with your domain name and what happened ? No one can say the level of traffic any site will get but with out SEO you are behind everyone else.

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Web sites are always in need of traffic and visitors. If no one views it then you will not have anyone to buy from you. The more traffic to your site the better your Alexa rankings, more links can be established and search engines are attracted to sites that are visited. Most successful websites generate thousands of views an hour or more. So when you are looking at the numbers of how well your site is doing figure for every 1,000 visitors you may get 1 prospect for a sale. Big name sites like eBay have over 185,000 sites linking to them and are ranked 26 in the world. While CarQuest has only over 1,000 sites linking to them and are ranked in the 103,000 in the world.

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Web sites are just like physical real estate. Location, location & location. If people can not locate your site then you mine as well not have a site. Millions of sites each day are created but many are never listed in to the search engines correctly. Coding errors from the person or company whom created the web sites is the number one issue. They know how to create the images but not the back end items that are required in today's SEO.

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We now live in a social media frenzy. If your business lacks presence in the social media area we can create accounts or build up your current one. People like to see that you have likes, friends, votes or reviews on your business or service. - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube - Google Plus Search engines also are using social media to gain the popularity of one's domain name. This is an area that has been recently more focused on and will become a must for all.

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Today 67% of all shopping for both products and services are done via the internet. The days of yellow pages, newspaper ads and direct mail have gone to the grave yards. Most businesses use 10% of the yearly revenue to place into an advertsing budget. This budget should be focus mainly on the internet and social media. So business ABC has a $100,000 yearly sales, so $10,000 is the ad budget and if you sent $8,000 on line that is about $667 a month. If your business is new or stuggling then the ad budget should be incresed to 15% or even doubled to 20%